Why iRevo Platform and Apps?

Service and Content providers are largely delivering their own or licensed content (Videos and Live TV) in the form of an App or via a TV EPG. These providers are leaving out access (by users) to third party Apps, content and users' content from their service's Home Screen. And in the process forcing a user to leave a service providers home screen (App or TV EPG) and reducing the users' engagement. This results in a poor user experience, reduced stickiness, loss of monetization and reduced big data mining.

iRevo offers a complete Platform and Apps solution to address the above problem. A service built and delivered via the iRevo platform can offer additional popular services, Apps and access to a users' content via the same Home Screen. Service Providers can use the iRevo platform to decide what content and apps you want users to access from your home screen. With this new Home Screen, users can access a multitude of services like live TV, videos, games, Facebook photos and content on a users' flash (Pen) drive, LAN, and cell phone.

This integrated home screen results in a better user experience, stickiness, monetization and analytics to further enlighten your customers while increasing revenue. iRevo's business model is to enable you to achieve all these and more, without losing your brand identity. You can customize one of our Home Screens and Apps or build your own Home Screen and Apps.

Moreover, the iRevo Platform runs on the world class, globally accessible AWS and our Apps are available on all popular open platforms: Android Native App for OTT Devices, Android Based Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs and Cell Phones. iRevo also offers HTML5 App for Windows PCs and Linux Set Top Boxes and Smart TV Devices. iRevo's software incorporates our multiscreen technology called TelePlay. It enables content access on a cell phone and with a touch on a thumbnail, content can be viewed on the TV for an immersive big screen experience. It is one of the most powerful, flexible and popular feature of our offering. Read more under 'TelePlay' section of this website.

If you are a Smart TV, Set Top Box or OTT device maker, chances are that your device home screen is largely a collection of App shortcuts on a user's screen, resulting in a computer or cell phone like user experience on the TV. You too can use the iRevo Platform and Apps and take advantage of all the benefits the iRevo Platform has to offer; cost effectively and with simplicity and speed.

Ready to get started?

The iRevo Platform is an open platform, designed to easily integrate third party applications and content. Its business model enables OEMs and service providers to private brand (White Label) the iRevo offering and to generate new or recurring revenue sources. Discover how easily and cost effective the iRevo Platform can be for you.