Industry Uses

The iRevo Platform offers a comprehensive solution for Web Content Aggregation, Management, Personalization and Delivery and it is targeted for Service Providers and OEMs wanting to bring Over-the-Top-Content to the four screens, HDTVs, smartphone, tablets, and PCs.

The iRevo Platform and brings best of the web content and applications to a variety of SOCs and OS platforms (Linux, Android & Windows). An optional module on the client device adds support for accessing personal content on attached storage or LAN devices.

ISPs and Mobile Operators

Operators are facing ever increasing subscriber churn rates. To compete with the ever-changing subscriber landscape, many operators are choosing to boost their traditional services with connected TV devices and services to deliver OTT services that differentiate themselves from competitors.

The iRevo Platform is designed to deliver and supplies market-leading products that are certain to fulfill subscriber agendas, and to continuously evolve and align with customer product roadmaps to stay ahead of the competition.

DTH TV Operators

DTH Operators face the challenge of delivering additional services to their subscriber base to reduce subscriber churn rates and differentiating their services from the competition. With iRevo’s proven end-to-end solution with extraordinary OTT products and outstanding customer service, DTH operators can enable OTT services quickly, while remaining focused on their core services.

The iRevo Platform excels at managing everything OTT. By partnering with iRevo, DTH operators can turn their focus to differentiating their core offering, trusting that iRevo will remain in the lead of OTT enabling solutions, providing seamless cloud integration and advanced and stunning client interfaces for a modern user experience across multiple devices.

Cable TV Operators

Cable TV operators are seeing increasing subscriber churn rates. To stay ahead of the competition, many cable TV operators are choosing to augment their traditional services with OTT services to differentiate themselves from competitors and maintain their competitive edge.

Cable TV operators need a long-term partner committed to investing in R&D, and supporting innovation with the latest and greatest OTT products. iRevo has done this for over 10 years and with the iRevo Platform, Cable TV operators can deliver OTT services quickly and reliably.

Content Owners

The iRevo Platform is all about delivering content to the end user. Our platform ensures content owners have access to leading edge technology to power their services and deliver their content around the globe. With a wide distribution network and a growing global customer base, the iRevo Platform is highly scalable with the ability to instantly reach millions of end viewers.

The iRevo Platform has a large and widely distributed connected ecosystem. We’re dedicated to simplifying complexity, so you can have instant access to our global audience. Partner with us to experience the extraordinary power of the iRevo Platform.

Ready to get started?

The iRevo Platform is an open platform, designed to easily integrate third party applications and content. Its business model enables OEMs and service providers to private brand (White Label) the iRevo offering and to generate new or recurring revenue sources. Discover how easily and cost effective the iRevo Platform can be for you.