Multiscreen with TelePlay

In today's world, users are watching TV while having a second device in their hand (smartphone or tablet). Content is on each of these devices; either stored locally or accessed from the Web. This content, when accessed using iRevo Apps, can then be played on (Screen Shifted) your TV display using the iRevo Apps TelePlay feature. Content can be TelePlay'd from Android and Apple smartphones and tablets on to a TV running iRevo SmartTV App or to a smart device running iRevo SmartTV App driving a large screen TV display.

TelePlay Options

TelePlay has three modes plus the TeleShift feature. Use your smartphone/tablet to discover content and TelePlay that content to the Smart TV Box, freeing your smartphone/tablet to continue searching for the next video, photo, and music to play.

Play Here

Play Here is the default TelePlay mode. Content selected will be displayed on your smartphone / tablet. You can switch to Play There or Play Together (photo channels only) mode at any time.

Play There

Play There mode will play content selected from the 1st device (smartphone or tablet) on the connected 2nd device running the SmartTV App. This is the default state when two devices are connected.

Play Together

Play Together mode plays the selected content on both devices. Play Together mode is only available for photo channels.

TelePlay Features

TelePlay includes features that extend the basic teleplay modes. These are TeleShift, TeleSave and TelePlay Over LAN/WAN. These features, along with the basic TelePlay modes, makes the iRevo Platform a complete multi-screen solution.


Shifts live playback from the smartphone/tablet to the 2nd connected device running iRevo SmartTV App. TeleShift will stop playback on the smartphone/tablet and play the content on the 2nd device running the SmartTV App and resuming right where you left off.


TeleSave is a unique feature where the user can save content from a smartphone/tablet to a 2nd device on the local LAN running the iRevo SmartTV App. The TeleSaved content then becomes local content on the 2nd device.

TelePlay Over LAN/WAN

TelePlay Over LAN allows the user to TelePlay content from anywhere on the user's local LAN to a 2nd device on the local LAN running the iRevo SmartTV App. TelePlay Over WAN allows the user to TelePlay content to a remote WAN device running the iRevo SmartTV App.

Ready to get started?

The iRevo Platform is an open platform, designed to easily integrate third party applications and content. Its business model enables OEMs and service providers to private brand (White Label) the iRevo offering and to generate new or recurring revenue sources. Discover how easily and cost effective the iRevo Platform can be for you.