iRevo Platform

The iRevo Platform is comprised of several key functional modules that enables service providers to ingest a variety of videos, live TV channels, web content, apps, games and more. From the ingested content, various service packages can be created and assigned to Users / Devices. A customized iRevo App (your home screen) on the device side can consume these packages to provide access to a comprehensive content collection from this single App screen. There are other modules that enable daily alerts, notifications, App updates and more. There is an Ad module that enables Ad placement in UI and analytics module that aggregates user behavior data.


You can offer your own content in your custom UI and complement your service by adding third party content, like Facebook photos, via APIs (we call it a Channel) or by simply adding an affiliate App like Netflix along with your offering. Using the iRevo OTT and Live TV management console, adding a Channel or third party Apps in your service suite is snap. Want to add additional pay-per-view services or Live TV channels? Done in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks.


Our Apps are fully customizable to tailor to your specific needs, delivering your unique, branded service with all the features you want. A fully customized and branded solution typically takes days to weeks instead of multiple quarters.


The iRevo Platform is proven to be highly scalable to millions of users and is designed to scale dynamically as your business grows. Our distributed platform has a global reach and can quickly respond to a surge to regional demands.

Streamline Operations

Streamline content ingestion and distribution by eliminating bottlenecks that slow you down.

Get to Market Faster

Be faster to market than your competitors. Launch your OTT Solution in a matter of weeks, not quarters.

Adapt Faster

Don’t miss a beat. Easily add new channels and apps for all your viewers to enjoy.

Analyze Viewers

Keep an eye on what your viewers are watching and adapt and promote to increase viewership and profits.

Increase Efficiency

Adding new content and apps is quick and easy through our Content Management System.

Lower Your Costs

Manage your service with lower operational costs. Let us show you how.

Customize for Success

Build your own flavor. Our Apps are fully customizable to tailor to your specific needs.

Accelerate Success

Make the most of your nvestment, we offer world-class service, training and support.

iRevo Platform Features

Service  Delivery Platform

• Running on Amazon Cloud Platform
• Telecom Class – Scalable Platform

Service Management Console

• Content and Apps Management
• Device and User Management

Curate & Aggregate Content

• Customizable for any Consumer Market
• Point-n-Click Interface for All Ages

Apps for TV, Phones & Tablets

• Responsive Lean-back TV User Interface
• PlayCast Mobile App & Multiscreen Support

Ad Insertion and Deep Analytics

• Multiple Ad Platform Support
• Comprehensive Deep Analytics

Social Media Integration and Sharing

• Integrated Social Media
• Email and SMS Messaging

Platform Scope

The iRevo Platform is designed to encompass a wide variety of file formats and covers most popular photo, video and music file formats as well as a very high percentage of apps.









Ready to get started?

The iRevo Platform is an open platform, designed to easily integrate third party applications and content. Its business model enables OEMs and service providers to private brand (White Label) the iRevo offering and to generate new or recurring revenue sources. Discover how easily and cost effective the iRevo Platform can be for you.